Mailando helps Web Developers to be there for their clients 24/7.
With Mailando Magic Script, Web Developers' clients can manage their websites with email.

Why do Web Developers enjoy using Mailando?

Easy to start

Think about all the "high-maintenance" parts on your client's website. Insert Mailando Magic Script into one of those parts and your stress level is decreased by 100%.

Clients love to use it

Since our solution is fully based on email, you don't need to educate your client about how to login to Wordpress.
In a nutshell: if your clients know how to send emails - they know how to update their webpages.


With Mailando, your clients are able to upload different kinds of content on their webpages, wheter it's text, photos, videos - you name it. Mailando can also be tailored for special cases. If you want to learn more about the tailored options, please contact our sales team.


Awesome Experience

By using Mailando, you give your clients access to make updates on their websites in real time. Thus they don't need to wait for you to finish your lunch to do the necessary updates.

Built with Elixir & StimulusJS

We build our software with the utmost care to maintain the highest of quality and security. Our main tools are Elixir & StimulusJS. It’s what Whatsapp and Basecamp are using and they turned out fine.

But what if the client ruins the design?

Don't you worry, we got your back. Mailando Magic Script fetches the content and uses the site's existing CSS to style the content. So no fear of losing those Design awards!

Pricing plans



Mailando Magic Script for one website.



Mailando Magic Script for 10 websites.


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Mailando Magic Scripts tailored for your company's needs.

"I used to spend an hour every day just updating mechanically content on my clients' websites. That's not the case anymore. With Mailando, I have been able to automize the process of updates and I have got to spend more time on design and building new stuff."

"My work as a web developer is very fragmented. Couple of my clients kept asking me often times per day to do small updates on their websites. Mailando helped me to maintain the workflow and reduce the unpleasant things of web developers work."

Say goodbye to those interruptions - ease your life with Mailando.

Find the perfect plan for you — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The guys behind the Magic Script

Tuomas Jomppanen

Nicolas Arkkila

Antti Hyytinen