You have better things to do than copy & pasting content to your client's CMS

You like helping your clients, but copy & pasting is waste of your time. It bugs us too, that's why we built a tool that is so simple that your client can update their website only using email. And it works with WordPress too.

You add a small javascript snippet on your client's website. The snippet has an email address, and when your client sends a piece of content to that email address, the snippet shows that on the site.


Each website gets an unique script which is embedded on the website HTML code.

<script src="">

This is the level of integration for the website. Just put the script into a HTML document where you want the content to appear. After that, your client can email the content directly to their website.


Simple pricing, two different tiers depending on your needs.

for individuals


Give it a try and see if it works for you, upgrade when you're ready.


per month

for professionals


When you have several clients with websites. You get ten scripts.


per month

You have 14 days trial period. When the trial period ends, your credit card is charged for the first time. After that, the credit card is charged every month.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How does Mailando look like from the perspective of my client?

Simple. They send it directly to their own unique Mailando email address. Mailando replies with a preview email, where they can see the changes in their sites. The final step is to confirm the update and then enjoy the up-to-date websites.

But what if my client ruins the design?

Don't you worry, we got your back. Mailando uses the site's existing CSS to style the content. Your client will have a hard time using Comic Sans and rogue colors. So no fear of losing those Design awards!

Is it secure?

Yes. You email the content and Mailando replies with a confirmation email to the email address you specify. Mailando is as secure as your email.

Who built this?

Four gentlemen from Oulu, Finland. We built a first version during a Startup Weekend and after positive feedback, we decided to continue developing Mailando further.

The members of the team are Tuomas, Nicolas, Antti and Kristian. We have a company called Mailando Ltd.